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GEORGETOWN - George H. Kennedy 
Image    Portrait of George H. Kennedy Son of Charles Kennedy (1792-1854)
Main street looking north 
Image  c. 1845  Main street looking north, Georgetown. Note the two oxen on the street, Clark House on the right, and Bennett House on the left. The Baptist Church has not yet been built.
Laura Adelia (Brown) Dayfoot 1861 
Image  1861  Portrait of Laura Adelia Brown, wife of John B. Dayfoot.
Unidentified Wedding Photo 1861 
Image  1 Feb 1861  Unidentified couple in wedding snapshot.
Alexander Ashenhurst 
Image    Alexander Ashenhurst (1819-1909).
George Kennedy 
Image    Portrait of George Kennedy. George Kennedy (1799-1870) Taken from photo of Sarah Kennedy P204 .
Mark Maw (1834-1870) c1865 
Image  c1865  Mark Maw (1834-1870) father of Albert Maw.
Sarah Kennedy 
Image  c. 1865  Portrait of Sarah (Bedford) Kennedy. Sarah Bedford, wife of George Kennedy died February 11, 1875. They were married on 24 May 1821. Also see George Kennedy at P110 .
P.K. Dayfoot and his sister Jennie 1869 
Image  1869  P.K. Dayfoot and his sister Jennie
Two Unidentified Women c1870 
Image  c1870  Tintype of two women, probably sisters. This photo was rescued from a house on Main Street South, Georgetown.
Laura Adelia (Brown) Dayfoot 1873 
Image  1873  Laura Adelia Brown, wife of John B. Dayfoot.
Laura Adelia (Brown) Dayfoot 1873 
Image  1873  Laura Adelia (Brown) Dayfoot, wife of John B. Dayfoot. Laura Adelia (Brown) Dayfoot (Mrs. J.B.)
Charles B. Dayfoot 1876 
Image  c1876  Charles B. Dayfoot as a boy. Taken by W.H. Kahrs, photographic artist, Georgetown Ontario.
Star Grocery on Main Street 
Image  c. 1880  Star Grocery on Main Street, owned by J. M. McDermid. Now the site of Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.
Mable Grant Lawson, c. 1880 
Image  c. 1880  Portrait of Mrs. Mable Grant LAWSON, the wife of Henry Pratt LAWSON. Mrs. Mable Grant LAWSON died 7 December 1926. Poorly retouched.
Creelman's Kniiting Machine Co. Staff 
Image    Creelman's Knitting Machine Co. Office Unidentified workmen.
Yolanda _____? 
Image    Yolanda _____? , at age two years. Yolanda age 2 1/2 Y
George Commander and wife Sarah (Barnes), 1882 
Image  Christmas 1882  George Commander & wife Sarah (Barnes)
Gertrude H. Dayfoot 1882 
Image  1882  Gertrude H. Dayfoot, daughter of J.B. Dayfoot and Emily Augusta Dayfoot.
Knox Presbyterian Church 
Image  c. 1886  Original brick Knox Presbyterian Church. The brick church sttod on the same site as the present one. It was erected in 1867 and dismantled in 1887 and rebuilt as a house at the enterance to the Fairgrounds Park.
Albert Edward Maw and Elizabeth Martha Coulthurst 1888 
Image  1888  Albert Edward Maw and Elizabeth Martha Coulthurst. Married 7 February 1888 in Madison, Wisconsin. (4 copies)
BRISTOL, VERMONT - M. Dayfoot home in Vermont, U.S.A. 1888 
Image  1888  BRISTOL, VERMONT - M. Dayfoot home in Vermont, U.S.A. It was built in 1790.
Lawson's Trout Pond 
Image  1890  Lawson's Trout Pond was on the corner of Main and James Streets. H. P. Lawson's Planing Mill was across James Street. He stocked the pond with trout. The boardwalk in the foreground is on Main Street. Trout Pond Georgetown
John Ross c1890 
Image  c 1890  John Ross (1835-1908), son of Donald Ross and Flora Nicholson of PEI. He was headmaster of Acton Public School from 1871-1878
Dry Goods Store c1890 
Image  c1890  A dry goods store somewhere in Georgetown. DAMAGED
Portrait of Lew Miller 
Image  c. 1890  Portrait of Lew Miller.
Bird's eye view of Dayfoot shoe factory 
Image    Bird's eye view of Dayfoot shoe factory taken from John Street railway overpass. See p627. Bird's Eye View. Georgetown, Ontario.
Dayfoot shoe factory 1890 
Image  c 1890  Dayfoot shoe factory from the rear.
Congregational Church, 1890 
Image  c. 1890,   Congregational Church at the corner of Church and Market Streets. This building was donated to the town to be used as a free library; it is now part of the Georgetown branch of the Halton Hills Libraries. Physical details: 12.5 cm X 17.5 cm, black and white photograph printed on colour paper....
Portrait of man 
Image  c.1890,  
Dr. McCullough c1890 
Image  c1890,   Photo of a survey team taken in Winnepeg, Manitoba. Dr. McCullough is lying in front with a survey chain. (Acc #129)
Lawson's Pond 
Image  1890,   A boy peers into Lawson's Pond at Main and James Streets, Georgetown Credit River, Georgetown (incorrect inscription)
High School Picture 
Image  c. 1893  High School Picture
Edwin Search 1893 
Image  24 Jun 1893  Edwin Search, Chief constable since 1869, assessor, tax collector, caretaker of Town Hall, and overseer of roads and sidewalks. ACC# 103
R.D. Warren 1893 
Image  24 Jun 1893  R.D. Warren, editor of the Georgetown Herald and member of the Public School Board. ACC# 103
Fred W. Barber 1893 
Image  24 Jun 1893  Fred W. Barber, born 1859, second son of Joseph Barber, farmer. ACC# 103
Adam D. Thomson 1893 
Image  24 Jun 1893  Adam D. Thomson, born 1838 in Scotland. Dry Goods merchant here since 1871. Situated in former Barclay & McLeod store at corner of Mill and Main Streets. ACC# 103
Richard Irving Creelman 1893 
Image  24 Jun 1893  Richard Irving Creelman (1852-1932) owner of Creelman Brothers Knitting Machinery Factory. ACC# 103
Georgetown Fire Department 1893 
Image  24 Jun 1893  Georgetown Fire Department reorganized in January 1892. Georgetown Town Hall in background is where the fire department was located. Fire Chief is H.H. Speirs. ACC# 103
Elizabeth Maw and Family 1896 
Image  1896  Elizabeth Maw and family. Left to right: Margaret, Irene, Dora, Clara Belle. Her mother Margaret Coulthurst and her sister Clara Coulthurst Fichten.

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